Eclipse Mania

Yes, I did take the scope out during the eclipse.  Yes, I did get pictures.  No, I didn’t make it to the path of totality… 2024 anyone?

Here’s my first test-shot with the 77mm solar filter installed on the 400mm Sigma:

I like the color on that one the best, since that filter doesn’t basically white everything out.  The office is very near some hills which are backed by part of SF bay… meaning the couple of degree shift during the partial eclipse was enough to regenerate the morning clouds in the marine layer.  Which meant clouds.  Ugh.  Still, I was able to shoot a couple of images with the big scope through the gaps.

This one is my favorite since it most clearly shows the sunspots.  Getting good focus when you’ve only got tiny cloud gaps is a bit of a pain.  At some point I’ll get the  exact setup dialed and written down, since with the electronic micro-focuser I should be able to just blaze to a number and be near-as-makes-no-difference spot on.

Max eclipse here was ~80%, just after 10:15am:

You can just make out the sunspot along the edge of the moon at the lower left.

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