Mileage recap, redux.

So I missed the 50k shot because I totally pulled a space-cadet this morning on the way in.  I knew I was going to trip the meter on the way in this morning, and had a great stretch of road, with multiple pull-offs picked out to get off the interstate and get the shot right at 50k.  And then I forgot.  So I noticed I was 7 miles over when I got off the interstate by the office.  Oh well.

Here’s the XXk milestones thus far for Ceto:

~0k – Nov ’10 – Sierra Vista, AZ:

10k – Sep ’11 – Ft Huachuca, AZ:
Elapsed time: 11 months

20k – Oct ’12 – Oahu, HI:
Elapsed time: 13 months

30k – Feb ’15 – Pentagon, VA:
Elapsed time: 28 months (I rode a LOT in Hawaii, but it was never very far…)

40k – Dec ’15 – Springfield, VA:
Elapsed time: 10 months

50k – Nov ’17 – Fairfield, CA:

Elapsed time: 23 Months

Not as fast as the previous 10k, but not terrible, considering JJ happened inside that 23 month window.  Not sure what my prospects for running an Iron Butt out of here are, but with the record low in the upper teens here (as opposed to well below zero, for locations in the DC area), it likely won’t ever be too cold to ride. May get some frosty days where lane-splitting isn’t advised, but should be significantly fewer than in DC.  Plus, with lane-splitting being legal here in  CA, my home-bound commute completely bypasses the multiple slow-downs on the way home, meaning the incentive to ride stays high.  Still have a couple of weeks left in the year, so we’ll see how things turn out. I should manage to eke past 2k for the year (Jan’17 saw over 48k on the odo), which again, isn’t terrible, considering.  At least some of that was a trackday on the Ninjette…

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