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This page will just be a running linkset to videos I would like to upload and share.  Youtube is okay for some stuff, but sometimes it’s just easier to host stuff yourself.

Amanda’s First Ride: Here’s a shot of Amanda’s first day on a bike, doing circles in the UD Arena parking lot

Snow Clearing:  A bit of hooliganism behind the garage in Dayton

Onboard ramps (high) and (low): Here’s my first set of Onboard videos, it’s the same vid, with the low being for you dialup folks.  The high res version is ~24 megs, but who cares.  Eventually I’ll get the knack of ripping the files down so they’re reasonably sized yet have good visual quality, but like I said, this was my first attempt.

Thornton’s Gap: Following Ricky (Shultzboy from, I made a run from east to west on Hwy 211 toward Front Royal VA.  Great section of road!

Sportbike Kickstand Spin: Ever want to know how those guys you’ve seen spinning their bikes around on the kickstand do it?  Instructions here!

Maryland backroads suck… Ok, so I didn’t really have anything better to do on a 40-degree Sunday afternoon, and had spent a bunch of time Saturday figuring out how to get the camera to mount after the internal screw threads broke…

Arroyo Seco Track Weekend:  I uploaded these on YouTube, but am working to get them to export correctly in Premiere Pro so I can hang them here.  The current versions are the Windows Movie Maker hacks and look decent, but lose a lot of the quality in the raw video.
5 Dec Counter-clockwise
6 Dec Clockwise
6 Dec Last Session

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