Edited to add…

A tag, usually left at the bottom of an internet forum post, sometimes abbreviated ETA.  Usually done to expand on one’s point after some time has passed since posting, but (hopefully) before someone else posts in response.  Done as a courtesy to readers so they understand that what is currently posted is in addition to the original posting.

In this case, I’m re-posting a picture, and actually took something away:  Green and aqua-colored saturation (specifically those wavelengths), since the object in question doesn’t contain them in levels as high as my post-processed shot.  To wit: the Rosette nebula:


The original, for comparision:


I posted the original over at Astronomyforum.net, and one of the commenters mentioned he had pulled a copy and post processed it with some more advanced software than what I’m using.  I pulled it back up in Lightroom and did the wavelength / color specific adjustments, and am posting it here to re-link the adjusted version over there.

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