At some point, I’ll figure out the cross-posting thing…

Both of the astronomy forums I’m on have photo upload and storage systems so people don’t have to host their shots online, they can just dump them on the forum server.  While this is better than facebook (which re-saves and massively compresses uploaded shots, wreaking havoc on astrophotos where very slight gradient changes are important…), they’re still size limited.  Plus, I have to export the file from Lightroom to the hard drive, then upload it to their site… which is just more work.  Ugh.

However, if I’m better about putting stuff up HERE first, I can simply drop in a [url=] wrapper on an [img] tagged link, and I get an embedded copy of my photo, linked from my website here.   It’s a smidge more typing, but when I post on those forums, I’m already typing… so it’s a slightly longer step in the process, vs adding additional steps.

Example: Here’s my latest astrophoto, the Leo Triplet (NGC 3628(top), M65(R) and M66(L)).  Getting the shot to my facebook and twitter accounts was elementary, and didn’t require saving an intermediate copy on my hard drive.  Posting it here is also easy, as it comes straight out of lightroom and is dropped on my web host’s servers.  AND, because it’s here now, I can link to it on astro forums.

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