Mileage recap

Hit another milestone this week. The big bike rolled 40k on the way to work on Wednesday. Knowing it was going to happen, I dummy-corded my everything-proof Fujifilm camera to my riding vest, and off I went. Rather than try and pull over on the stretch of highway where I knew it would happen (just inside the beltway on 395), I pulled the camera out left handed, fired off a string of shots pointed in the right general direction, and prayed I got something usable.

So, as a recap, here are the XXk milestones thus far for Ceto:

~0k – Nov ’10 – Sierra Vista, AZ:

10k – Sep ’11 – Ft Huachuca, AZ:
Elapsed time: 11 months

20k – Oct ’12 – Oahu, HI:
Elapsed time: 13 months

30k – Feb ’15 – Pentagon, VA:
Elapsed time: 28 months (I rode a LOT in Hawaii, but it was never very far…)

40k – Dec ’15 – Springfield, VA:
Elapsed time: 10 months

Didn’t have very much down time this year due to weather, maintenance, PCS, etc, so slogging ~300 miles a week for the commute racked up the last 10k pretty quickly.  No extended trips on the bike in that period, so very nearly all of this mileage was the daily ground pound between the office and the house.  We did get one ride over to Luray and around the Shenandoah valley, but that averaged around the same for daily totals as if I’d been commuting.  Nothing like the 1600-mile weekend Durango trip from a couple of years back.  I’d love to try another Iron Butt ride at some point, but the opportunity hasn’t really presented itself, and it hasn’t been high enough on the ‘to do’ list to percolate above the ‘things I’ve actually got time for’ line.  I’ve got another week and a half of commuting before the new year, so if the weather holds I should be pushing 11k total for 2015.  January and February are usually the least bike-friendly in terms of weather, so we’ll see how next year goes.

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