Just snagged an Area P carbon-fiber full exhaust system here on island.  Nearly stole it, really, but when someone has literally no clue what kind of aftermarket exhaust they’ve got sitting in their garage, just that it’s for the Ninja 250 that isn’t there anymore… yeah, I’ll make a best offer.  Got exhaust gaskets in, so I took the time to bolt everything together today.  I likely still need to do some carb tuning, but at least initially it runs better and revs quicker.   Not just a ‘perceived’ thing, it really does rev through gears coming uphill MUCH faster than it used to.

Of course it’s loud as hell now, completely undoing all the work I did with the MGP Growler pipe.  Oh well, I’ll just wear earplugs, and most definitely won’t be riding it to work at o-dark prior to PT.  Fun rides only now, which is what that bike’s for anyway.  MGP is already on Craigslist, to be followed shortly by the rest of the stock system.

Oh… it breathes fire now:

Here’s another shot from above the bike with the dSLR:

It’s running a bit rich, and the flame shooting only happens when you chop the throttle while the choke is on.  But still cool nonetheless.

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