A year’s worth…

So is that title implying that I’m going to share the highlights from the last year, or attempt to measure the value of the preceding 365 days?  Don’t know which yet…

First, the bit of annual postage that started at the beginning of last year.  I hit the scale this morning, and I’m 201.0, down from the 205.4 of a couple weeks ago.  Still up however, from the 192.4 I started 2013 at.  I’m carrying around more muscle than I was at the start of last year, but still need to get rid of some fat.  Ugh.  Maybe the charts, graphs, GPS tracker, and general “can’t cheat the machine” nature of my spiffy Suunto GPS watch (Christmas present) will help keep me more honest about working out this year.  As for the bike thing:
_MG_4288  _MG_4291

With 24141 and 13935 miles on the clocks this morning, it means I’ve put in 3644 and 322.5 miles on the Concours and Ninja, respectively.  I thought for sure I had done more mileage on the Ninjette, but the odometer doesn’t lie.  I managed to hop on for a ride around the SE corner of the island yesterday morning, since I knew I’d be up LATE last night dealing with the big dog and the fireworks, AGAIN.  Stopped at Koko Head and the Halona Blow Hole on the way around:


Since Kelly expressed no interest in visiting the Byodo-In temple over in Kaneohe, I figured it was as good a time as any to check it out.  While it was very peaceful there, it really just made me want to go and check out the original temple in Uji, Japan.  Maybe someday…

So as for the original question, what does a year’s worth look like?  Well for me it went a little something like this:

Got to spend some time with a group of pirates,

then got sent TDY to Korea.

Acquired a new dog,

and attended my first luau.

Got to visit with old friends,

and still managed to get some alone time to  ride a little bit (though not nearly as much as I’d have liked, given the mileages above…).

Found new snorkeling buddies,

and added another state (AK) to the ‘places I’ve been’ map.
wpid3147-20130707-GOPR0309.jpg  wpid3145-20130705-_MG_0638.jpg
wpid3149-20130708-G0010335.jpg  wpid2971-20130707-_MG_0864.jpg

Was stoked to have the whole family out here doing the tourist thing for Christmas,
wpid3153-20131224-_MG_3836.jpg  wpid3169-Mikey_MG-5321.jpg  wpid3171-Mikey_MG-5956.jpg

and even better yet, to find out in the middle of the year that I’m going to be a dad too!

While there were some less-than-memorable bits, I’d say the year as a whole went pretty well.  Also, I have about 3 months of usable sleep left, so with that, I’m off for a nap.

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