Passing the guidon.

Two years ago, I assumed command of the WTU at Fort Huachuca.  By company command standards, that’s a long, long time, at least at Ft Huachuca. The standard command tour for a Captain is one year, and battalion commanders usually go 2 years.  I gave props to a bunch of different people in my ‘outgoing commander’ speech after handing off the guidon, as is appropriate.  While I could spend more time here elaborating on that list because I tried to stay within the standard 3-minute time limit, I won’t.  The blanket “Thank you, everyone, for helping me to suck less” is what I’m sticking with.  Haven’t really processed not being the guy who always gets the call when bad stuff happens, I’ve got a month of leave to get that all straight in my head.

Here I am handing the guidon back off to COL Moran:

And on it went to the new WTU Commander, CPT Carrie Davidson:

Good luck, and Godspeed.

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