Hi ho, Hi ho…

… it’s off to work I go.

Trying to commute as much as possible on the bike. There are some days my head just isn’t in the right place, and the car gets the nod then.   But, as is usually the case, I tend to have better days at work when I ride.  There’s just something about having that half hour or so of just me and the inside of my helmet that somehow set my day up better.  And, since I got in the iron-on reflective tape from reflectivelyyours.com, I’m good to go riding on post before the sun comes up in the jacket Kelly got me for Christmas.

Since they’re doing a ‘post a picture of you with your bike and review it’ thread at Beginnerbikers.org, here I am after this morning’s commute:

Hadn’t ridden in a couple of days… and somehow had a much better day today.  Got more stuff done.  The plural of anecdote is not data, but this happens often enough that I’m leaning at least toward correlation, if not quite to causation yet. 😉

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