Attention to detail, and the price of the lack thereof.

So this should have been posted some time months ago, and luckily due to the publish on ‘such and such’ a date option in wordpress, I’m just now (7 Dec) getting around to getting this up, but it will have a rack and stack date of 31 oct just because I felt like it.  Basically, I started this post because I had pulled a bonehead and didn’t have the old (read: first / crappy) topbox on the Concours locked/latched correctly while transporting the bike back from Tucson, and I lost the liner to Kelly’s jacket.  So, I now have to try and sell the complete jacket (minus the liner I stole) which I bought for the express purpose of stealing said liner.


Anybody need a size XL ladies Speed and Strength Coast is Clear jacket in black/grey?  I paid $150 for it on clearance, and it still has the removable sleeves and the rainproof liner, just not the quilted liner. $100 takes it!


So I guess the cost of my lack of attention to detail in this case… would be about fifty bucks.

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