The ‘get Camilla track-ready’ process has started. I installed the fairing stay, fairing mounting tabs, and then test-fitted the Sharkskinz upper and lower I picked up from one of my Superhawkforum brethren up in Phoenix.  I had forgotten how insanely thin-bodied she is compared to other I-4 litrebikes.  I still need to fab up a headlight ‘plug’, paint, and swap out the handlebars so the throttle cable won’t stick anymore, but it’s a start:

In other bike work news, my 3M adhesive reflectors came in for the Concours side cases.  Easy to install, and they leave the matte sections of the bag looking glossy:

This is only of course until you hit them with some light, at which point they get crazy reflective, which is why I bought them:

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