Sprung: Past tense and past participle of spring. In this case, doubly referring to the season of spring having come, and to our escape (albeit temporary) from our location here. Having been in quarantine for 2 weeks, we were awaiting the arrival of the rest of the unit. They arrived, and site visits to other locations have begun. In order to more effectively plan for incoming rotations, I went along to get a lay of the land over the weekend, which meant I got to leave the compound for the second time in 39 days (the first being meeting the team at the airport).

Since we were headed out, I threw the little M2 in my bag for the taking of the pictures. On the way to drop off my laundry I noted that quite a number of things had started blooming here, so I stopped on the way back across to the chow hall to take shots of as many different things as I could. Not knowing what they all are, I’ve done my best to describe the ones I don’t know, and name the ones I do:

Little yellow flowers inside the laundry trailer complex.
Flowering bush along one of the driveways.
These don’t quite appear to have bloomed fully yet. Grouped blooms on landscaped ornamental trees.
Large trees along the edge of the compound, with lots of these bloom clusters. There are what appear to be chestnuts strewn about nearby, but my Google-fu doesn’t reveal chestnut tree flowers that look like this.
Another view of a bloom cluster from a higher perspective. You can’t see the purple bits in the middle from underneath.
Lilacs. These are a bit faded as they started blooming about a week ago. But they still smell amazing.
Tiny purple flowers under the lilac bushes.
This one I know: a poppy.
The purple irises were quite stunning.

More pics from the ‘escape’ portion of the weekend to follow at some later time. Where we were, who we were with, what we were doing (other than the generic ‘we were checking places out’) will likely not be included, but pictures of interesting things will.

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