Keeping track

Haven’t done neither a great job of keeping up with this since we got out of quarantine, nor a good job keeping up with my journal since then. Having finally moved from the quarantine digs, through some temporary lodging, we’ve gotten settled into our ‘permanent’ home. The remainder of the team arrives soon, and we’ll begin transitioning the mission from the rucksack of the team ahead of us to our team’s bag. The level of ‘Armyisms’ is high right now, since we’re approaching the mission handover, but the group my section is replacing has done yeoman’s service taking what they were given six months ago and getting it ready for us.

Developments at home continue apace, as children DO grow up. Sister decided to learn how to ride her pedal bike, so the Boy decided he wanted to get really good at the Strider bike… then ask for a pedal bike… then figure that one out too. Thank God for videos. They’re already growing up so incredibly fast, and not being at home while others in the unit are getting time at home with their families is really rough for everyone.

On the COVID-19 front, it appears the country here has done a good job of keeping infections down, which means they can begin the graduated release of restrictions. What that means for me is that I’ll finally get to go out and at least walk around the city I did so much map recon on prior to coming over. Observant readers know where I am, and State-actor adversaries already know we’re here, so continuing this commentary the way I did for the Iraq deployment should continue. I say “should” because I would like to keep writing, but not “will” because I know that there are days / weeks where I’ll stay chained in the planner dungeon. And when I do get a chance to get out, it’s more important to see family, at least via video-call, than it is to write here.

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