At the request of my mother…

Being otherwise occupied for the most of the last month, I was finally able to take a couple of minutes and get out my notebook and pen while outside sitting in the sun. At the request of my mother, who intends to use the sketch as the basis of a homeschool lesson for all her grands currently under ‘shelter in place’ orders due to the COVID-19 epidemic / fiasco going on worldwide, I dutifully sketched a local varietal of flowering plant. Not having any appropriate colored pens about, I started trying to color in the sketch with some whiteboard markers, which I found to be rather ill-suited to the task, and inappropriately colored. So, in a bit of ingenuity, I proceeded to smash one of said varietals onto the page for the flower coloring, and then rolled up a leaf from another for the stem and leaf coloring.

Taraxacum Officinale: The Common Dandelion

Astute readers will realize that I have included the location from which this endeavor took place, and note that it is not co-located with my residence. Having been locked down in a camp on Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany for a number of weeks, the band of merry men I’m in the company of recently relocated a bit eastward, and are now in quarantine as a result of crossing an international border during this pandemic. Thankfully our commo folks outfitted us with some WiFi pucks before we left GTA, which means we’ve got connectivity with the world, and more importantly with The Great Place. Planning for our upcoming mission continues unabated, save for the yard time we get to conduct PT while in quarantine, and the occasional scientific expedition as (literally) outlined above.

Given that I am trying to maintain my sanity, I shall attempt over the coming weeks to continue updating this page with the (mis)adventures here in Poznan. Of course that means some delay in the reportage of current events, and plenty of what would appear non-sequitur writing inspired by occurrences as they transpire.

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