Say hello to my little friend…

No, I’m in Hawaii, so unless I was actually pulling this quote a la Tony Montana (i.e. high out of my mind on coke), I’m not referring to a M203 sporting M-16.  Instead, I mean say hello to this little girl:

Her name is Hollie.  Since she’s partially Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kelly wanted to name her something having to do with their purpose: Hunting lions.  We mulled over plenty of hunters’ names, and places in what used to be Rhodesia (all summarily shot down), then decided on trying to name her after a rifle.  The Holland & Holland kept coming up, so we dubbed her Hollie, the mini-Ridgeback.  We suspect either Whippet or Italian Greyhound as the other major breed in her makeup, based on her size, facial divergences from the standard Ridgie mug, and by the way she holds her ears.  She gets along with the other two very well, and has even more energy than Angus.

Yeah, that doesn’t look high-energy, but what immediately preceded it did (note the level of faux-viciousness):

They play very well together, and wear each other out, much to our delight.  Sequoia has also done well, albeit while sometimes wearing his crankypants.  He’s been a bit more needy with regards to attention, but that was somewhat to be expected.  He can be a little insecure, so we’re trying to do our best to pay extra attention to the old man. Still, he’s done well with our new addition.

She’s still a little timid approaching him, but ‘cautiously friendly’ is a good way to describe it.  We’re definitely going to over-socialize her, mostly in conjunction with re-socializing Angus, who Kelly is now going to start working with on therapy dog training.  Also of note: her ridge is better presented (crown to tail sizing, whorl symmetry, etc) than Resa, who had papers…

She’s a LOT on the small side, currently weighing in at 32.2lbs.  I’m really hoping she’s got a bit more growth in there and 40lbs isn’t outside the realm of possible, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  She came from Waianae, which is not the nicest side of the island, and had a couple of open wounds when the Humane Society got her.  I’m not completely sure the nicks were only from Demodex mange, but in any case they’re healing up well, and based on how well a friend’s dog healed up (and Hollie being partly Ridgeback), I expect them to pretty much disappear.

It is pretty funny how many things she does like Resa did, (running, the ‘wrinkle-face’ above, etc), but just in a miniature version.  Any other ridgie owners recognize this puppy-run?

In other ‘little friend’ news, I managed to find a decent set of Cortech saddlebags for the Ninjette, and now have it fully decked-out as a mini-tourer.  The bags also expand, but I don’t see me carrying anything but raingear, cleaning supplies, spare clothes and my PT gear to work on any given day, so no real need for the extra space while we’re here.  Doesn’t look too bad for a little bike:

The rear turn signals took a little thought, but after I figured out that I could add a 90* angle-bracket  and get them down by the license plate where they wouldn’t be obscured by the bags:

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