Wait, wasn’t I just here?

It’s an island.  Round and round and round… Water, water everywhere and all that.  Got back from Korea yesterday and was feeling particularly antisocial this morning, so I went for a ride on the motorbike wearing my wonderful Helmet of Solitude™.  I figured since it was a Saturday morning, I’d be able to get past the Honolulu traffic nonsense before anything resembling traffic crept up.  Didn’t hurt that I managed to leave the house at 0445, so I made it all the way from the house around the southeast end of the island and into Kaneohe before I had to stop for a red light and put my feet down.  Being the rainy season, it did drizzle on me up most of the windward side of the island, but not so bad that I regretted leaving my rain gear in the saddlebags at the house.  So, around the island isn’t really ALL the way around, since the road disappears around Kaena Point in the northwest, so instead of a complete ‘ring’ around the island, I end up riding more of an ‘eastern lasso’:

A little under 3 hours for the 115 mile total ride, which included a stop at Waimea Bay for some shots just after sunrise:

The 2nd shot is a 3-exposure HDR mesh so I could capture the clouds and the highlights above them in the early morning light and still get decent exposure of the land, which is leeward and therefore not in direct sunlight at that hour.  Surf was down along the windward coast, so much so that before the sun came up it was pretty eerie to see lights and houses along the west of the road, and nothing to the east.  No surf, no breakers, just a black nothingness with no sky and no horizon.  Really weird. So home again, home again… and now thanks to the rain, I need to wash all the road grime and mud off the bike. Blech.

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