Admore addendum

Just so I have somewhere to post these on the web, and because I didn’t have anything other than play Fallout: New Vegas pressing to do today (still getting over being sick), here are some shots from the garage with the new Admore lights installed in the Givi E52 topcase.  In order to get these to show up correctly, I did an HDR shot with my camera, and then threw out the +0.00EV (no adjustment) image in the HDR merge from lightroom to photoshop.  Both of the first two used the ‘photorealistic’ basic setting in the HDR build dialog in photoshop, and then all of them were edited in lightroom for black level and white balance.  Since it’s a basic, plain white chest freezer, I used a point in the middle of the freezer at the lower left of the image to set all the white points.  The last two with flash illustrated what I needed without any HDR trickery, so that was nice.

First, just the lights as running lights:

Next, with the brakes on (note hand on brake lever, I’m hiding behind the bike):

Third, with the flash on and no brake lights (simulating what the bike looks like from a car following me with their headlights on):

And lastly, with the brake lights added:

Now since the pictures didn’t really do it the justice I thought it deserved, I went and shot a video which I have uploaded to youtube.  In it, I show what the lights look like in all of their modes of operation, as well as (literally) highlighting the Realtime Industries reflective panels on the bags and topcase:

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