…has reposed special trust and confidence…

Effective 1 September, I got promoted to Major.  I pinned on Friday, after Mom and Dad made it into Phoenix Thursday night.  It was a small ceremony, given that it was a training holiday, but even so I had a bunch of folks from work show up:

There is seriously no way I could have made it to where I am without people like this to work with.  ‘Potential to serve in the higher grade’ should really read “potential to not annoy the people that work for/with you”, because any good officer has a myriad of people who have helped / pushed / dragged them to where they are.  To all of you who came, and all of you out there possibly reading this: You know who you are.  You have my most humble thanks for helping me to suck less.  You have all pushed me a long, long way.

I was really glad Kelly, Mom, and Dad could all be there.  LTC Fisher was gracious enough to say a few words, and as always, I hope I can uphold the standard as a freshly minted field-grade officer.

Attention to orders:

Kelly and mom did my shoulderboards, and dad pinned my beret:

I hope I can keep making them proud.

The first thing I did as a Major was promptly end up at a loss for words, which those of you who read this know is nigh-on impossible.

Here are the words I should have had, and will continue to have for all of the people who helped me get here: Thank you.

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