Knee-down teaser

Haven’t really had time after the trackday to get photos sorted and such… Kelly took 800-someodd pictures at the track since she was getting used to the camera and playing around with framing, zoom, etc, etc.  I was an idiot and left the high-ISO noise reduction on, which ‘smoothed’ all of the pictures.  Great feature when you’re having to shoot high ISO due to low light, but not so hot when it’s bright out since it limits the shot cache to 2 images (vs 15 or so for JPEG shooting) and thus slows down the cyclic rate of the camera.    I’ve got some great shots and some pretty good onboard video I’ll be trying to upload in the next week… assuming the rate of mute excrement doesn’t continue to increase at work.Anywho, here’s a shot of me entering corner 1 at Inde Motorsports Park with a knee down:

Full trackday debrief to follow.

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