Totality 2024

Got some good photos since the clouds did the whole “dissipate during partial eclipse” thing many of the weatherpeoples were talking about. Had a good turn-out at the ‘eclipse party’ we threw in the parking lot of Grace Bible Church in Killeen:

Scattered clouds… but just scattered enough!
Sky-cannons ready to go…
Best shot of the day, with the solar prominence / flare highly visible

All-in-all it was a great day, with the clouds being sporadic enough that I was able to get the scope back in focus (note to self: go with the setup you tested, not your ‘day-of’ good idea) with about 5 minutes to spare before totality. Probably got a little more sun that I intended, but at least had a hat on for the majority of the day, so my bald head was spared the brunt of Sol’s wrath. And since a day like this wouldn’t be complete without friends, I’d be remiss to not show off the folks who came in from Florida to stay the weekend and hang out come the day:

Once again, my “not crafty” wife crushed it out of the park with her shirt design.

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