Hooty who?

So it looks like the small owl that ended up in the garage back in Feb ’21 stuck around, and the other night appears to have kicked owlets out of a nest. We could hear one other owl up in the tree above me, but these three came down and hung out on the playset in the back yard just before sundown:

This one flew down first, and Maddie noticed it when she let the dogs in.
Two more followed, on the other side of the playset
Owl number 1 hopped over on the swingset crosspiece, and was very inquisitive.
Owl 2 was notably smaller, but HUGELY cute with those ear tufts up.
I think this was #1 again, after flying up to the overhead branches.
Number 1 still on the left, and I’m not sure if that’s #3, or the 4th owl we previously could only hear overhead.

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