I vote the Marines return to guarding the mail.

Tam noted today that there seem to be shenanigans afoot with regards to looting of trains in the LA area. See evidence here:

President Warren J Harding had a solution for this sort of problem:

“Detail as guards for the United States mails a sufficient number of officers and men of the United States Marine Corps so as to protect the mail from the depredations by robbers and bandits.”

They covered the mail trains for a couple of months in 1921, and again in 1926 when President Coolidge recalled them for the task. And unlike the mealy-mouthe modern slinking politicians stinking up the puzzle palace, then SECNAV Denby’s ROE was straightforward, and effective:

“To the Men of the Mail Guard, you must keep your weapon(s) in-hand and, when attacked, shoot and shoot to kill. When two Marines are covered by a robber, neither must put up his hands, but both must immediately go for their guns. One may die, but the other will get the robber, and the mail will get through. When our Corps guards the mail, that mail must be delivered, or there must be a Marine dead at his post. There can be no compromise.

When necessary, in order to carry out the foregoing orders, you will make the most effective use of your weapon(s), shooting any person engaged in theft of the mail entrusted to your protection.”

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