Home again, home again…

And off to the beach..

Took a pass this weekend since I wasn’t able to leave the local area last weekend (yay Restriction of Movement!). We came down to Galveston and hung out all weekend. Went to Pleasure Pier yesterday in the early afternoon, and were the only people on the Galaxy Wheel. Almost the only people at the pier. Note in the pics below that there are very, very few people around. These were definitely the rule, not weird exceptions. Had dinner at Bubba Gump, and when we came out there was a pretty legit line to get onto the pier, so we didn’t bother heading back out for any more sightseeing at night.

Going to try the new “gallery” function for WordPress below and see what I think of it. May not use it in the future, but it’s worth exploring once…

Having spent the better part of the day ‘out’ yesterday, we spent the better part of the day just hanging out on the beach today. Plenty of pics on the cellphone, since that’s a ‘waterproof’ camera I’m much less worried about being near the sand. Went back out after putting kiddos to bed tonight an managed to catch a bit of the offshore thunderstorm before calling it a night:

Back home tomorrow, and then back to the salt mines this week.

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