Sorting out the photos

Apparently, since I bailed on facebook some months back, they’ve disconnected the ability for 3rd party apps to upload ANY photos.  Not being on facebook, I had no idea, at least not until I updated the publishing plug-ins for Lightroom.  I was made aware of the aforementioned nonsense, and filed it under “Reason 21,082 I’m not sorry I ditched farcebook”.

I had already started sorting out the sub-domain here, and this only lit a fire under me to get it done.  Since it’s a smugmug hosted page that I control, I get to post from 3rd party apps without the minions of Zuckerberg trying to run things.  Also, I’ve added a “Family & Friends” section which is password protected, so I can post pics of the kiddos.  Yes, I understand that anything on the internet should be considered fundamentally unsecure, but this is enough ‘keeping honest people honest’ protection for me to not feel paranoid.

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