I don’t work on Mondays.

Or at least I don’t expect to get anything meaningful done.  It helps manage expectations, since everyone is terrified of / infuriated by / generally dislikes Mondays.  I didn’t write here yesterday, and in general I try to avoid setting up meetings or otherwise tying Monday down, as it’s usually just a ‘react to contact’ drill based on whatever seeped into the email box over the weekend.  Having transitioned to the ‘twice daily email check’ suggested by Tim Ferriss in the 4-hour Workweek, I have significantly reduced the constant inbox watching which used to plague my time at the Pentagon.  If it’s important, they can call me, or come out of their damn office.

As far as today being any more productive than yesterday…  the jury’s still out.  I did manage to get some stuff organized, but should probably get rid of all the buzzard roosts on my desk, and put a bunch of stuff away (likely in the round-file).  I’ll get into a cleaning mood at some point this week, and finally get rid of a bunch of stuff in my desk which has been doing nothing but occupying space.  Possibly for years.  And then get back at it in the morning.

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