Garage Pictures (Another forum thread topic…)

So someone had the great idea to show off their garage.  Not specifically the motorcycles/cars/tools/workspace per se, but more of a “what’s your garage look like right now…” theme.  I decided to play along.  Here’s the first shot, for which I set up the stepladder over by the rollie-bin for the garbage so I could get a shot of ‘everything’:

At first glance, the above picture doesn’t look too bad…The left ‘bay’ is deeper than the right, so all the tools, workbench, and shelving units live over there toward the door into the house.  Therein lies the charlie-foxtrot:

You might have noticed in the first picture that Camilla is wearing some new livery.  Kelly mentioned that she had issues picking the me out when I was blasting around the track at the races… so I needed to pick a new color.  Safety yellow was vetoed, so I went with florescent green instead. Can you see me now????

Didn’t paint the front fender because I didn’t want to paint over my dragon sticker, didn’t paint the tank because of the bedliner, and left the tailsection alone because I didn’t want to fuss with pulling it off (it has one broken tab which is ‘patchedish’ for the time being).  Should stand out pretty well though.

Oh yeah, and the Tiguan is there at this hour because Kelly drove her new truck to work to show it off… We traded in the Escape and my GMC for a used 2011 F150 Platinum.  New hotness (no, it’s not a stock photo, I took it on Sunday…):

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